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DA VINCI plus support from CLAIRE BOSWELL


Da Vinci are a four-piece rock / progressive power band hailing from the midlands. The music is powerful and theatrical and a DV gig tends to be a roller-coaster ride of genres, moods, styles and dramatic landscapes.

Singer / songwriter / frontman Dec Sharma and lead guitarist / backing vocalist Vinnie Liotta found themselves in a popular but dead-end covers band in the mid-noughties. Both had been in different bands playing original music previously, Vin in the Worcestershire-based globe-trotting prog-metal outfit Decadence Within, and Dec in Leeds-based prog rock band Schrodinger's Kittens.

Tim Wilson joined on bass in 2008 and following man-mountain Peter de Kruyk's return to Holland in 2012, Karl Gibbs completed the new line-up on drums.

From deep dark Gothic rock to celestial love songs to dance-able power-pop and even rap, Da Vinci plays it all and tells stories through the songs.

The rock opera Razorblade World was remarkably well received at its premiere performance at Huntington Hall, Worcester in August 2009, complete with actors, back-projections and light-show with guest vocalists and guest musicians including Claire Boswell.

Support act "Claire Boswell"

“Claire Boswell is a singer/songwriter/performer from Worcester, England. Her distinctive and timeless sound evokes the aura of the Woodstock generation, with resonating lyrics, mellifluous vocals, and a subtle technical expertise reminiscent of Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris. A capable guitarist, Claire combines progressive song writing and effortless voice to create pieces capturing both emotion and truth. The effect is an unforgettable presence; a unique style drawing on Folk Rock, Country, Blues, and Jazz; performed with a touch of old world magic.”

Thursday, April 24, 2014
Price: £4.00


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